December 2014

Linda Weaver

   Linda Weaver, the Executive Director of our Parish Outreach Center, is the wife of Gerry Weaver and the mother of Laura (McMindes) Page, Michael McMindes. She has three step children, 16 grandchildren and one great granddaughter. Her older son, Larry McMindes, passed away from a brain tumor a number of years ago.
   Linda started working at the Craig Developmental Center in Sonyea in 1979. She earned her Associates degree in Nursing from Genesee Community College in 1982 and was awarded her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Alfred University in 1988. She worked at Rochester Psychiatric Center as a Nurse Administrator and retired in 2003. Linda also served in the United States Army Reserves from 1979 - 2006, and retired a Lieutenant Colonel.
   Linda estimates that she is involved with her Parish Outreach Center duties 1,500 hours annually, but does try to take walks in Letchworth State Park three times weekly. She also enjoys crocheting and taking trips with her grandchildren, and her vacations with Gerry.
   Our church's program to help the uninsured and underinsured was started in September 2004, when Pastor Nadine Graham was our church leader. Since then, a total of 1,258 clients have been served by our all-volunteer staff, with patients coming from eleven nearby counties. Our professional volunteer help over these past ten years has included 8 doctors, 3 nurse practitioners and physician's assistants, 14 nurses, and more than 50 paraprofessional volunteers who have all helped keep our program growing each year.
   Linda reports that mental health, diabetes, and dental issues are the three largest numbers of client's diagnosis outcomes, but health issues run the gamut from vision, hypertension and hearing problems, as well as other medical issues. All age groups are represented in the patient records, with our medical team always trying to practice preventive medicine whenever possible. This allows small health issues to be monitored early before larger and more costly problems develop.
   When asked what she is most proud of, Linda's quick response was to give all glory to God, for he has provided whatever has been needed, and those needs have always been met when they present themselves."