March and April 2016

Cindy Doolittle, R.N.

    Cindy Doolittle, R.N., is our designated professional volunteer at the Parish Outreach Center, for the months of March and April.
   A life-long York resident, Cindy and her husband, Bill, are the parents of two adult sons.
   Cindy received her Nursing degree from Genesee Community College, and was employed by hospitals in the Rochester area during her working career. She has been offering her nursing skills on Thursdays for our outreach clients for approximately three years now.It was as a hospice nurse volunteer at Teresa House that she first learned of our need for professional services here, and came on board as a result!
   She has three grandchildren and takes care of her grand-nephew, Chase, twice weekly, in addition to "wearing several hats" in the children's ministry programs at the Cornerstone Baptist Church in Geneseo. Cindy has directed the annual Vacation Bible School program there for several years now, for the benefit of 90 children, as well as other youth ministry activities and events, and enjoys their ongoing commitment to church attendance and outreach.
   We thank Cindy for her professional services shared with our POC clients, and hope that she continues to enjoy her quilting projects at home, as time allows! Congratulations are also extended because of her efforts for this organization's program of outreach and ministry, as she is honored as our "Volunteer of the Month!"