March and April 2017

Anna Macauley

    Anna Macauley is being recognized as the March-April para-professional for her volunteer work serving the Parish Outreach Center.
For three years, she has used the computer system to help with the client check-in and check-out process on clinic days. She also serves as the clinic coordinator working with Linda Weaver's usual responsibilities when she's unavailable.
Anna has served as the coordinator for the diabetic dinners provided occasionally, and oversees the refreshments served during the fund-raising walk-a-thons. Actually, she might be called a "go-getter" so described because she's ready to jump in and lend a helpful hand for whatever job is presented to her! Her creative, practical ideas and follow through have been invaluable to the GPOC.
Anna and her husband, James, are the parents of six children , five boys and one girl , ranging in age from 32 to 21 years, and they operate a dairy farm, which is currently transforming into a beef operation exclusively.
She enjoys sewing, gardening, and the canning and freezing which frequently is a part of a large garden summer project. Anna has served as a 4-H leader for 24 years, guiding their children and lots of other youth through the many facts of this program which is focused on youth development.
As a member of St. Mary's Church, Geneseo, Anna serves on the committee charged with seasonally decorating the sanctuary with appropriate altar decorations. Congratulations, Anna. Thank you for your service.