May and June 2018


      Donna Brian is our Parish Outreach Center's paraprofessional for the months of May and June, and actually she could hold the tle of "Jack of all Trades" for her numerous roles as a ready and willing volunteer for this program!
      She's been on staff for more than a year now, working at most of the clinics in a variety of roles. Additionally, she helps in our Food Room, filing bags and shopping when needed to keep the shelves stocked. She also cleans the examination rooms afer clinic, as well as helping to set up and tear down for each clinic. She handles filing duties for the POC as needed and is willing to step up to the plate, whenever and wherever there is a need.
      She and her husband are the parents of an adult son and daughter, and the love of Donna's life are their seven grandchildren; which includes a set of triplets, two boys and a girl.
      Donna is a bona fide quilter and has, as her goal, the creation of a "T-shirt quilt" for each of these grands, as their high school graduation gift. She's currently working on one of them. She also loves to read, enjoys cooking, and is so grateful that her family all reside in the area!
      Donna sees her service to the POC as something that allows her to "give back", since she has personal experience concerning a person's need for a helping hand now and then.
      Our Parish Outreach Center offers its most sincere gratitude to Donna for her unlimited service to our medical outreach program, with congratulation for having been named our most recent "Volunteer of the Month".