May and June 2015

Marlene Hamilton

     Marlene Hamilton is the Volunteer-of-the Month for the Geneseo Parish Outreach Center, where she has been an active lay member of the team for more than five years now.

     Originally recruited following a presentation to a Monday Evening Class by Lucille Kane, Marlene has been a supporter of our outreach program ever since. She very much appreciates this church-sponsored mission, for she sees the great need for it, and is committed to being a part of it herself.

     Marlene and her husband, Don (deceased), have three adult daughters, and six grandchildren, whose ages range from 28 years down to seven years. She enjoys her retirement, and looks forward to her weekly bridge games, having had to give up her golfing game some time ago, due to an injury which necessitated surgery on her shoulder.

     In the POC office, Marlene's duties used to be done manually, but our computer age has made the necessary record keeping, etc. to be so much easier to accomplish now. Her work hours are generally in the morning, but she's been known to accept more frequent work assignments as the need for more volunteers became increasingly evident. When Marlene began working at clinics she did all the work that is now assigned to four volunteers. She has also been the financial secretary making deposits and keeping records of donations and has been a member of the GPOC Board of Directors.

     We are grateful for Marlene's presence as a computer specialist in our organization and for all of her dedicated assistance in our Parish Outreach Center.