July and August 2017

Peggy Oltz
   Peggy Oltz is the GPOC Volunteer of the Month for July and August 2017, in recognition of all that she does to benefit the many clients who are served by the Center.
   Peggy heads up our food pantry, and each week distributes a filled-up bag of goodies, based on what is on our shelves in Room 6A. Donations are the life blood of this part of our ministry to under-insured and uninsured folks throughout our area, and are always welcomed.
   In August, she seeks out donations for the POC's "backpack ministry" for school-age children connected to this outreach program, making it possible for the recipient's to begin a new school year with new "stuff!"
   In December, Peggy's focus is on Christmas wish lists for our clients and their immediate family members. A suggested list of gift ideas, colors, sizes, etc. is prepared for our church membership to choose from, in time for Christmas deliveries to everyone "on the list."
   She has taken on the task of credentialing all of our professional volunteer staff members, and making certain that all of our staffing requirements are met to satisfaction.
   Peggy is a retired elementary school teacher, who graduated from Geneseo State Teachers College in 1971, and resides in Leicester. Her entire teaching career of 34 years was devoted to Perry Central School students in the 3rd through 6th grades. Mixed in with classroom teaching, she also taught both science and math exclusively, but really LOVED her time working in the computer lab! She is a LIFE member of the Girl Scouts of America, and was awarded with the coveted "Curved Bar Award," which is equal to the Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scout organization.
   In addition to her duties as a volunteer with the Geneseo POC, Peggy serves in many capacities at the Geneseo United Methodist Church, including Lay Leader of Outreach, the Board of Trustees "prayer partner," Bible study leader, Hooks and Needles ministries, Bazaar Ladies group, and more! She even finds time to offer weekly rides to church and doctor appointments to folks that may not be able to make it there otherwise.
   Peggy's volunteerism at the GPOC has been a blessing to us, and we say "thank you" and "congratulations" to this wonderful, "purple-loving," lady!