August and September 2014

Marlene Rajca Bebout, RN

   Our Parish Outreach Center Volunteer of the Month for August and September is Marlene Rajca Bebout, who resides in Dansville, and is a Registered Nurse. Always wanting to become a nurse, Marlene began her quest serving as an LPN back in 1968. She earned her nursing "stripes" from Alfred State College and began working at Craig Colony for the next 21 years. She worked at the Rochester Psyche Center for eight years, and then it was on to the Groveland Correctional Facility, where she retired from NYS service in 1994. Since then, she has done per diem work with the Livingston County Public Health Department, and also at the Livingston Correctional Facility. Additionally, she did week-end duty at St. Jerome Hospital in Batavia for one year.
   It is easy to see that Marlene has lots of experience and loves her work as a nurse. She finds that her volunteer work at the POC provides a wonderful service to our community, and she is very pleased that her nursing experience is useful and needed and the POC Board of Directors feels very fortunate to have Marlene as part of their staff!
   Congratulations Marlene on being named the Parish Outreach Center's Volunteer of the month -- and continue to enjoy displaying your 1968 Chevelle at classic car shows!