September and October 2017

Kierstan Galliford 

     The Parish Outreach Center's "Professional" for the months of
September and October is Kierstan Galliford,
who serves as our volunteer pharmacist for our outreach mission.

    Mrs. Galliford has been employed at Wegman's Pharmacy for the past 17 years, and currently works in the Geneseo location. She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, and is excited to be involved in the clinical aspect of her job. This also allows her to employ her medication therapy skills at her present job site.
    She and her husband, who is an agricultural mechanic, are the parents of Joseph, Jacob, and Anna, who attend the Pavilion Central School System. Kierstan and Jacob have been learning how to play the cello and violin, respectively, and enjoyed playing in their first stringed workshop performance this past April.
    Kierstan also is the proprietor of a small craft business, and the whole family enjoys working in the family garden. In fact, our POC pantry clients have been, or will be, the recipients of their garden's bounty as the harvest continues into the fall!
    Kierstan is grateful of Wegman's working philosophy for working mothers, which allows for tailor-made schedules, making her busy life more palliative! And, according to her husband, after Kierstan has worked a shift with our POC clients, she returns home, having "re-invented" herself, and showcasing a "light in her eyes," for having accomplished something for others. And, that, she feels, is a bonus for herself, all as a result of her having spoken with Linda Weaver at a Diabetes Coalition session held at our church this past January! She began her volunteer efforts the very following month!
Grateful appreciation is extended to Kierstan Galliford for all of her professional efforts shared with our client base as the Parish Outreach Center. Congratulations to our "Professional of the Month!"