September and October 2018


    The Parish Outreach Center's professional for the months of September and October is Carol Dillon, RN whose nursing expertise has been shared in our medical outreach program for the past eight years. She earned her credentials from St. Joseph's School of Nursing in Syracuse, and has been actively involved in her career choice for 44 years.
   She worked for 30 years at the Highland Family Center, and also has served in Pediatrics and Obstetric settings. Her work in Family Medicine exposed her to working with the underserved populations, and she views her volunteer efforts at our POC to be an extension of her former career.
   Carol and her husband Tom, are the parents of four adult children, who have added ten grandchildren to the family circle. These families reside in nearby Farmington, and further away in Boston and Arizona, and in London England too! Trips back and forth across the Atlantic help to keep Carol and Tom in close touch with their "far-away" grandchildren.
    Outside interests, besides their ten grandchildren, include reading and gardening at their West Lake home.
    She sees our POC as "an important and needed service to the community." She is very happy to be able to continue using her nursing skills in our church ministry.
    We extend hearty and appreciative "thanks" to Carol Dillon for her important service and skill set which she has been sharing in our POC clinic for a long time.