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Who We Are:
The Parish Outreach Center offers a range of holistic services, and our work is carried out through the efforts of an all-volunteer staff. Doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants provide care to our clients. Other volunteers provide essential auxiliary services that keep our Center running.

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Geneseo Parish Outreach Center Board

Executive Director
Donna Flaherty

Donna Flaherty
Medical Director
Dr. Ayesha Tasaddaq
Dr. Ayesha Tasaddaq
Kirsten Galliford
Kirsten Galliford Board Member
Linda Weaver

Linda Weaver
Vice President
Judy Beeman
Judy Beeman Board Member
Dr. Bernard Sweeney, MD
Dr. Bernard Sweeney, MD
Donna Keller
Donna Keller" Board Member
Kelli Brian
Kelli Brian
Melissa (Parnell) Slater
Melissa Slater Board Member
Pam Klingman
Pam Klingman
Financial Secretary
Sandy Wilcox
Sandy Wilcox Past President
Diana Harke
Diana Harke

Our Mission:
The Parish Outreach Center's mission, is to support and empower the physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being of uninsured and under-served children, women, and men. We support policies that promote systematic economic justice and self-development of peoples through providing free health care, health education, disease prevention, and advocacy. Anyone in need may obtain health care through the Parish Outreach Center, or through referral to other appropriate health agencies or social service agencies.